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Personal Training

*Please be aware that personal training sessions are temporarily unavailable*

At Bourn Health & Fitness, our personal training programmes provide our members with the chance to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Whatever your goal, our trainers will be there with you every step of the way, ensuring each exercise session is challenging, progressive and enjoyable.

Fitness Assessments

An assessment of your current body composition as well as your cardiovascular and muscular fitness established through individual tests in addition to measurements such as weight, BMI and body fat percentage. This is then followed by a discussion of your goals and what you wish to achieve.

Gym Programs

A structured tailor made gym program will be written up for you based on the information collected during your fitness assessment, your trainer will run through this program with you, this will structure and direct you to help achieve your fitness goals.

Personal Training Prices to be announced soon. 

Please email if you're interested in further details. 

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